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I love real estate and houses! Not just buying and selling but owning and making it your own. I have been doing my own remodeling and repairs since my first house in 1991 in Alpharetta GA. It started with some painting, then replacing a patio door and continues with projects as big complete additions from foundation to roof. Join me as a share my experiences of buying, selling and remodeling along with an insider’s look into my own projects and my favorite tools!


Home Automation – Simple or Simply a Hassle?

As someone that embraces tech and loves to use technology to simplify life, it was inevitable that I would be diving into home automation at some point. Also known as domotics, smart home or smart house, it’s been around for years. It not been until recently, IMHO, has it gotten
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Cordless Blower that REALLY WORKS!

Homeowner’s guide and review to cordless blowers… A practical cordless blower for homeowners has finally arrived! I see you out there shaking your heads. I was a skeptic too, having owned previous generations of battery powered cordless blowers, but the EGO series of cordless to
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Real Estate Mistakes That Cost Buyer’s and Seller’s Money

Real Estate Mistakes That Cost Buyer’s and Seller’s Money Not using a specialized local expert Using a part time or new real estate agent SELLERS – Not properly preparing their home BEFORE selling BUYERS – Not have a PROPER pre-approval or proof of funds I have
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Preparing To Buy House Atlanta East Cobb Roswell

Buying Real Estate on YOUR Terms!

Be  prepared  to make your real estate  purchase  on your terms! No matter what cycle the real estate is in, good houses priced right sell quickly. Buyers compete for the clean and up-to-date houses. If you are actively looking at homes to buy you owe it to yourself to be ready to str
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Should Your Take First Offer on yourHouse

Your First Offer is Your Best Offer

Your First Offer is Your Best Offer If you ask people involved in selling real estate, whether agents or investors, you will hear this consistently, “your first offer is your best offer”.  I know when I heard this for the first time I said to my self “give me a break
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Never Be Home When Your House Is Being Shown

Why you should NEVER be home for a showing

 Please be so kind as to exit your home before showing… First rule of showing your home to buyers… DON’T. What I mean here is YOU don’t. Everyone talks about all the things you need to do to prep your house, the cleaning, repairing, staging, de-cluttering but if you
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Atlanta East Cobb Roswell Real Estate Market Trends

The New Normal for Real Estate Sales

When is the real estate market going to get back to normal? The age old question of “what is normal” is applied to many things and when talking about residential real estate sales it is somewhat of a sliding scale. Your perspective is going to be influenced by where you ar
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Preapproval Prequalification Buying Home

Pre-qualification vs. Pre-approval

Why not being Pre-Approved is costing you money! If you are ready to start making offers on homes then you need to be setting yourself up for success by getting a pre-approval. You will hear two terms thrown around, one is pre-qualification and one is pre-approval. Sometimes used inte
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