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Cordless Blower that REALLY WORKS!

Homeowner’s guide and review to cordless blowers…

ego-56v-blower-A practical cordless blower for homeowners has finally arrived! I see you out there shaking your heads. I was a skeptic too, having owned previous generations of battery powered cordless blowers, but the EGO series of cordless tools is the REAL DEAL! I can blow the drive and deck at my house in Roswell on TURBO speed (480 cubic feet per minute) multiple times before a recharge and when you DO need a charge, it’s less than 40 minutes.

My old Black & Decker (please forgive me for owning ANYTHING B&D, that was the only choice at the time) took overnight to charge and ran out in 5 minutes. Granted, there have been some better blowers by Ryobi and others. They were an incremental step at best. The EGO blower is a quantum leap. It has a huge 56 volt 2.0 amp lithium Ion battery pack. It will last for 30 – 45 minutes if you are not using the TURBO speed. It is light despite the hefty battery and well balanced. Overall, really well done. I have read many reviews and they mostly agree. The EGO battery powered blower is available at Home Depot for $199 ( search for EGO) and you can find details at the company’s website . Both my local Home Depot’s in East Cobb/ Marietta and Roswell have them in stock. Note that there are two version available now, one pushed a little more air. While I have the original (slower) version which I reference in this article, I would opt for the faster one just because bigger is better… right?

I also have a professional grade backpack blower but I only need to pull it out for fall leaf cleanup now. One of the BEST features for me is, I don’t smell like gasoline after using the EGO battery operated electric blower. If you have used a 2 stroke blower, you know how running it just a few minutes sends your clothes straight to the laundry. The oil used in 2 stroke pre-mix gets into the fabric and just won’t air out. My 4 stoke gas only blower is not as bad but you still take on the smell of the exhaust.

The Age of the Cordless Power Tool

EGO_Blower_Leaves-255×330The EGO is perfect for the average homeowner with regular clean up around the house. While you COULD clear off a small yard, you will do better with a heavier duty leaf blower for the large amount of leaves in the fall. The EGO has variable speeds and a TURBO button that takes you to top speed no matter what your regular speed setting is. I use it in my garage at the slowest speed to “sweep” the floor and then take it up to medium for the driveway. For the most part, I use high on the driveway, bringing on turbo for acorns. Having variable speeds make it easy to hit the inside corners of the porch and deck without too much blow back. Once you coax things away from the corners and out in the open you can crank it up and really let them have it with all 480 cfm.

With a corded or cordless electric blower you can give the deck or porch a quick clean and not have to change clothes. I use it daily in the fall wearing my work clothes before I pull out of the garage. I blow off the acorns so I don’t crush them into the concrete. Since its clean and quiet I take it to my homes listed for sale and do a quick cleanup if needed. All bets are off however, if it’s windy and you blow into the wind, you’ll get a nice dusting head to toe.

Very seldom am I this excited about a tool.. but in this case I say don’t walk, RUN to Home Depot and get yourself one! Looking for a great way to use that Home Depot gift card you got for Christmas gift? Stay tuned for a report on my EGO cordless mower.

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